Selfwritten Software


You find here various crazy sources I wrote.
To ensure that you don't loose any data because of this, some stuff
is not usable out of the scratch and would require Autoconf/Automake/Libtool
packages, so you have to play a lot to get it running...

I did not wrote buffer, I just provided packages for it.

Icon Package Version Source *.tar.gz Source RPM i386 RPM sparc64 RPM Alpha RPM Screenshot
[Bomb] Buffer 1.19 buffer-1.19.tar.gz buffer-1.19-1.src.rpm buffer-1.19-1.i386.rpm buffer-1.19-1.sparc64.rpm buffer-1.19-1.alpha.rpm [Bomb]
[Bomb] cacheshmatfix 0.0 cacheshmatfix-0.0.tar.gz [Bomb] [Bomb] [Bomb] [Bomb] [Bomb]
[E-TV icon] E-TV 0.3 E-TV-0.3.tar.gz [Bomb] [Bomb] [Bomb] [Bomb] [Bomb]
[E-TV icon] E-TV 0.4 E-TV-0.4.tar.gz [Bomb] [Bomb] [Bomb] [Bomb] [Bomb]
[BOMB] nosync-patch Linux-2.2.16 nosync-2.2.16.patch.gz [Bomb] [Bomb] [Bomb] [Bomb] [Bomb]

A sample wrapper library
Backup SIM Cards by Infrared (Linux) (works with Siemens S25)
Restore SIM Cards by Infrared (Linux) (works with Siemens S25)
A Gimp/Perl Script I wrote for API/Samsung Example Output
An expectk script to grep the MAC addresses of Alpha machines and SRM
setup for diskless/headless boot. I build a 50 node cluster in less
than 20 minutes with this. exp, setconfig
A CGI script that manages cdrecord. You can write cdroms with
a normal webbrowser. Supports windows messaging, iso9660 archives
and writes a smb.conf include and automounter management files for
easy loop-mount export cdrecord.cgi
Here is an C-Source that mounts *.iso over loop (use this as executable automounter map). cdmount.c
A tool to convert enriched EPS to povray. You need flex and bison
to build this. A Samsung Logo is included, it's a cool for Povray benchmarking
Source to access the HKW PC - Funkuhr under Unix hkw.c
;-) Copy disks by diskdup.c
;-) A GTK+ based cluster monitoring tool ( try something like
gcc $(gtk-config --cflags) $(gtk-config --libs) -o cmon cmon.c
to compile it. cmon.c

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